About Us

About ICE

Created in 2009 in the south of France, ICE’s mission is to develop and design quality products in both Mountainbike and BMX fields.

Attention to every small detail is what it takes to be the best.

Everyone dreams of success, but achieving it takes relentless commitment and effort.

It’s this obsession for detail and quality that makes our products the finest on the market today.

Values and Vision

Innovation is a value that we hold close to our hearts and is, in our opinion, essential in the world of cycling, to push back a little more the mechanical limits and riders performance every day.

That is why at ICE we try and launch the best and more reliable products possible, while differenciating ourselves from other brands in the bicycle industry.

ICE Advancements

Our notoriety started when we first launched a complete carbon BMX wheelset equipped with our disc hubs and rims not only for young riders, but for everybody.

​Our second success came with our F118 frame. As soon as we presented it, we entered a new area, and we started being considered as one of the most credible and respected brands in BMX Racing.

​Then we designed a Fat Bike frame available in two different sizes, for mountain bikes and off road activities, which got us a foothold in the Mountain Bike Industry.

We managed to create a smart frame thanks to our big experience in MTB environment. Our products are developed in collaboration with our Factory Team riders. Thanks to their trust and feedback, we keep improving quality and design of our products all year long, aiming to offer the more suitable parts to all riders.

​We are proud to manage a team with many different pilots who helps us all to develop our products

We have been working hard on Tubeless mounts, to maximize the work of the tires. Since 2016, our staff always believed in Tubeless performance in BMX Racing. That is why we now offer 2 different models of BMX Race Tubeless rims, our 'TR27' and 'Raptor'' rims.

The last few years we launched a new Pumptrack frame featuring a very specific geometry, still thought and designed according to our riders feedback, in order to launch a bike able to perform at the biggest competitions all around the world.

The development of ICE FAST continues for 2023 and a lot of news are about to come!